Paradigm – The stars of snowboard

For years, I have been shooting films and photos in the Valais Alps. After intensive talks with the producer Julien Roserens, we decided to go for this important and complex project.

The project enables you by following a French-speaking Swiss Snowboard team to travel the Valais Alps and its snowy mountain summits. All members of the team are widely recognized in the national and international snowboarding scene.

In an impressive way, both the film and the photos show the mental strength and the energy of these snowboard enthusiasts during one winter season. Any efforts were taken for capturing those magic moments and sharing them with the world by means of video and photos.

The teams’ preparation, the long walks through the high, fresh powder, the exploration of lonely spots and the moments around the fireplace… Plunge into their universe!

Location Map

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The Snowboarders

Mat Schaer / Estelle Balet / Levi Luggen / Emilien Badoux / Carlos Gerber / Fred Couderc / Féfé Pellacani / Sam Schaer / Christian Weber / Julien Emch / Aurel Anthamatten

The Project in details

Der Film ist im Dokumentarformat gedreht, ist 26 Minuten lang, in französischer Sprache mit englischen Untertiteln.

Julien Roserens arbeitet seit Jahren als Regisseur für europäische Produktionen und wurde vom Kamermann Jon Vital begleitet, um diese Bilder der Snowboarder einzufangen. Du siehst das Wallis in einer sehr hohen Bildqualität, wie du es noch nie gesehen hast. Du wirst das Gefühl haben, selbst dabei gewesen zu sein !

Dieser fantastische Film ist mit Interviews in Form von Anekdoten und mit Bilder aus dem Leben dieser Sportler angereichert.

The film

The film is a 26 minute–documentary in French with English subtitles.

Julien Roserens, film producer since several years on an European level, joins cameraman Jon Vital for capturing the world of these sportsmen. You will see the Valais as you have never seen it before! With a very special perception and high definition pictures, you will almost feel as if you are there yourself!

Interviews and anecdotes showing the lifestyle of the young snowboarders add up to this fantastic movie.

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The book

A book of 144 pages will be released by the publishing house « Edition Favre ». Printed in 1500 copies, the book will be sold in book stores, internet shops, tourist offices and some specialized sports shops.

I was able to follow these amazing young sportsmen during one winter season and it allows me to show the Valais’ white and gentle poetry.

The book includes a DVD of the film in Blue-Ray Format

The exhibtion

A photo exhibition printed in Alu/Dibon in different sizes will accompany the film’s performances. The exhibition will take place at each performance.

We therefore need your help!

One part of the budget is generated by partners, different subsidies and foundations. Unfortunately, this will not cover the editing of the film, the development of the photos and the printing of the book. In order to finalize the project in a professional way, we need your support to show the fantastic Valais surroundings and these young, fanatic sportsmen who do everything for their sport!

A big thank you to all of you for helping this project becoming reality!