Nanokeo’s Project

Nanokeo’s project purpose is to fight against knitters precarious of Benin country cities like Bohicon and to offer a job to the local youth, intrested to this craft industry.

The promotion of those knitters in the textile industry, improving and diversifying the economic processes, will offer the profit of this project to more than 300 people during the next 10 years,

The purchase of ten knitting machines and a full training for the users will constitute the basis of the fair trade and social business.

Nanokeo will be able to produce a very high quality of clothes, respecful for the dignity and the beauty of the humanity.


A lot of very competent knitters, are knitting only baby’s clothes because they don’t find customers to sale the adult clothes. The natives prefer the clothes with african fabrics like wax, bazin or bogolan than knitted clothes, less convient in the tropical climates.

With Nanokeo’s project, the knitters will be able to develop their skills and to satisfy their creativity, producing adult clothes, able to seduce international customers. an expanded marketing on the web and social network, and an information to our relatives and the word of mouth will help making our articles popular and also help dissiminate them

How ?

In Benin, the knitters (« we also have few men now») are practising their passion in an artisanal way and have some difficulties to get money from their work. Often they must find an other way to get money only to eat.

Nanokeo’s project gives the opportunity to the Benin people who have the desire, to participate to a social, ethical and correctly paid craft industry, and most important, in their region.

The created pieces in a small series will be accessible to an international public through an e-boutique and independant boutiques in Lausanne, Zurich and Paris.

By working with artisans of Benin, we will improve their standard of living, and promote their work,

Why should we support the Nanokeo’s project ?

This first fund raising will contribute to the purchase of the first professionnal knitting machines and the instructions to use them. That will allow the local knitters to expand their skills by producing adult clothes.

The promotion of those workers in the textile industry will improve their standard living to be able to support their family. This participation is not limited. In fact it is the beginning of an active and committed collaboration.

In the same time , we are looking for investors in the North, to accelerate the sequences of this project. By this way, Nanokeo would modestly contribute to the economic development in the textile industry in Bohicon and other country cities from Benin, generating many jobs in those regions.

The collaboration with the singer Dida Guigan,- with whom we share the same vision- will promote our clothes travelling where the concerts take place.

Apprenticeships will be offered to the youth, afterwards they will have the opportunity to be hired if they work correctly.

To be able to start proprerly this project since january 2016, we need you !

Thank you , thank you, thank you from heart for your support.