MAKE PLAIN goes to London

by Make Plain and Make Plain & GOS

London and Galway

We are a folk-country duo and we have the chance to go on a little tour between England and Ireland from 19th to 24th april to present our music and our new cd «Make It Plain».

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Make Plain is a folk-country duo from Ticino, Switzerland.

2013 was a very happy year for us, because we won two contests «Palco ai Giovani» and «Showtime» (RSI). After that we finally recorded our first Album named «Make It Plain», containing 10 original tracks and one cover. The 15 march 2014 we passed the selection for the famous Gurten Festival where we’ll be playing in July.

We’re going to...

We have the chance to go on a little tour to Ireland and England, from 19th to 24th april 2014!

We are going to start in Galway (Ireland) on 19 april 2014 where we’ll be live at «Sleepzone Hostel». Three days later we’re going to be in London where we’ll be playing in the streets and the metro stations. Finally we’ll be playing at «Troubadour Club» (23.04.14) a really famous venue known for having some of the biggest artists of the world, like Paul Simon, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

What we need your support for

Our gigs will not be payed and we must pay the flight, accomodation and meals, and the instrument’s rental. So we’re asking you to support us to live and share our dream!

It sounds like this: