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We are ready for the second Album.

After gaining experience in live performances, we are ready to record our second Album and to start a Swiss tour and, why not, an International one!

Two projects in one collaboration.

In order to do that we started collaborating with GOS (Guitar Of Stone), a startup company that builds acoustic and electric guitars and basses made of stone (granite) from Ticino. We will be its endorser and together we will develop new prototypes that will be officially presented with our new album.

But, wait a moment, we have great news! A band made from three Swiss musicians is going to join us to record our Album and to perform with us on the most important stages. This project will allow us to live a new creative experience and to ensure a greater public impact.


Your support is important.

Your support allows the realization of a unique spectacle, which permits Make Plain & GOS Band to bring the sound of Stone on to the stage.

Through these contributions the development of the GOS instruments would be possible as well as the registration of a new Make Plain album. The album would combine sounds of stone and Country Folk, how just GOS and Make Plain know how to do it.

The team Make Plain & GOS Band is excited about this new adventure, but they need your help to meet the costs of recording/releasing the Album, creating new prototypes of guitars and organizing the tour.

We thank you in advance for your partecipation. The dream goes on!


Videoclip on Youtube