Support us in building an online store for plastic-free and eco-friendly household management. With the convenient monthly subscription solution, we make the switch in the household easier than ever.

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The problem and our solution

Did you know that a truckload of plastic ends up in the sea every minute?

Or that microplastics are contained in washing powder, shower gels, dishwashing tabs and other household products, which get into our soil and cause considerable damage to our environment?

The starting point of MALOA is the enormously high plastic consumption, especially in private households. Global plastic production has increased rapidly in recent decades. There are now 5 huge plastic islands in our oceans. As we are far from being able to recycle or incinerate all the plastic produced without harming the environment, the WEF 2022 (World Economic Forum) highlighted the urgency of reducing plastic consumption. If this problem is not addressed, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

With MALOA, we want to address the problem at its roots. The only solution to this crisis is to reduce plastic consumption. With MALOA, we have found a way to make the switch to a plastic-free and environmentally friendly household extremely easy - today this is more important than ever.

MALOA represents the idea of using eco-friendly household products. As far as possible, these should be plastic-free, sustainable, vegan and free of harmful substances. We are convinced that this is possible because there are already countless products on the market which fulfil these criterias.

The special thing about my project - the convenient monthly subscription and the pre-selection of products

We have asked ourselves why people do not use alternative products and are now offering the answer with the simple subscription solution.

Within the framework of a monthly subscription, we offer the general population the possibility to manage their households in a more eco-friendly way in the future, without much effort and without additional financial costs.

We make a pre-selection of the products available on the market. Only products that we are convinced of and use ourselves will be offered in our shop, and YOU decide what you would like to have delivered to you every month. We are convinced that every person can make a difference - so support us now!

For this I need support

The people behind MALOA - Micheline and Luca - are willing to invest a lot of time and commitment into the project. However, as we have both recently completed our education (MLaw law & project manager installation and security / federally certified installation expert in prospect), we are currently not in a position to privately finance the entire project launch with our own financial means. We therefore need your support to set up a technically sophisticated online shop, for initial purchases of products and packaging material, and to carry out the first marketing campaigns to get the project off the ground. Together we will rid the household of unnecessary plastic products!