Mark Kelly-Peaceful Warriors

by mark kelly


Mark Kelly and the Peaceful Warriors is a new project created in 2020 they are determined to keep the art of music making alive in these crazy times now more than ever do we need to spread love & joy

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 23/12/2020

This is what it's all about.

Welcome to the «Mark Kelly and the Peaceful Warriors» crowdfunding.

We are so happy you made it here. If you are reading this, it seems your love for music brought you here. Or was it simply curiosity? Or your deep desire to support the arts and artists during these crazy times? We will never know for sure but let us introduce the project anyway…

Mark Kelly and the Peaceful Warriors is just what it seems: A new band and a new album.

After playing as a solo musician for 10 years, touring around Switzerland and France, Brazil , Germany and having released 3 albums «nothings perfect», «i am who i am» and «swimming with sharks». Mark Kelly now has the will to surround himself with a team of musicians to make this next part of the journey come alive.

The Peaceful Warriors are:

Tony Leggett on trombone, flute, percussion, backing vocals, harp. An amazing human being with a golden heart.

Marine Le Mouël on double bass, backing vocals and is the softness and power of groove and peaceful rock.

Robins Azonnoudo on percussion, backing vocals and the bringer of joy thru rhythm with a childish grin.

Michaël Dervey on percussion, backing vocals and a propagator of smiles and endless supply of light.

Mark Kelly on electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, uke, gongs, lead vocals and a authentic and unique person with a little splash of musical genius according to «The Peaceful Warriors».

My project is special because ...

The name of the band rises from a deep feeling of longing for unity and courage in the minds and hearts of people. Peaceful Warriors who stand up do what they are meant to do with joy and determination.

We make music: our deepest joy is to share it with you and we are determined to keep the art of music making alive in these crazy times.

Our album shares the same name: «Peaceful Warriors». It was initially supposed to be called «Peaceful Waters» but people kept hearing «warriors» due to Mark’s heavy accent, and so it is. The tracks that will be produced on the album are all about the journey of becoming good inside your skin and helping others to do the same. They are also about getting into a positive mindset, taking out bad ideas and replacing them with new peaceful ones.

This is what I need backing for.

And as you can imagine the record making process has a cost of its own. It will be recorded at prévu au Gatillon studio’s with Benoit Gerard. It’s going to be a double album with 20 tracks:

I’m a Hippy and Proud To Be Mother Hope Bully Boy What Can We Do Floating Come Back Open Our Hearts Tell Me Why Life’s Too Short Monkey Running Wild Two Hold Me Cut Me Off He’s Inside Of Me Apocalypse Train The Lesson It’S going to be ok Reflection What you see is what you get

Budget so far:

3500 chf musicians residency

500 chf transport residency ( 100 chf per person)

3500 chf musicians studio session

3000 chf video clip «reflection» animation

2000 chf album cover

6000 chf studio on tape

3000 chf mix and mastering

2500 chf vinyles and cds pressing

2500 chf two videos for singles

2000/3000 chf press release

300 chf two hard drives

1000 chf promo video crowdfunding

1000 chf live recording during residence

500 chf band photo

1000 chf 2 days sound engineer plus mixes

600 chf light tech 2 days

600 chf food money residency and studio

total so far: 37,300 chf

Mark will be putting 5000 chf from his own pocket into the project, which was his inheritance from his loving aunty who passed last year who was the inspiration for the song «life’s to short».