Producing «Massive Tales of Doom»

Over the course of the last three years we slowly pieced together our third album, which is dedicated to the end of the world. And now we are finally at the finish line.

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What we try to do with this record

«Lizards», our second album brought the band onto a certain course of style and sound. With «Massive Tales of Doom» we try to lean into the madness a little more. The songs have a strong emphasis on polyrhythm and odd time signatures, while still mantaining a certain degree of headbangability. The lyrics play with ideas of conspiracy theories and cultish insanity. Rockabilly preaching and upsetting yelps float on top of our formula of guitars, drums and synthesizers to create an edgy, massive spectacle.

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That's what we need the money for

Recording is done, mixing is done. The next steps are mastering, vinyl and cd production, filming a music video and shooting photos. And of course new merch, such as shirts and buttons.

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