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You will enjoy your holidays even more from now on! Certainly when meeting a hungry cat! This goes for Santorini and elsewhere. Since, as of today, you can actively reduce cat suffering! By supporting our Swiss based NGO-network and hence, the spaying/neutering of the cats on Santorini. This way, you help them to healthier lives: Less (sexually transmitted) diseases, less tumours, less emaciation, less disposed of kittens. Sterilized cats are better off and you make this possible. Also, together with our local partners and vets STERILA works on mindset change. Mission Possible! Santorini is a tiny island, not even 90km2. Be sure, 100% of your donation goes to cat food and vet costs/spay/neuter. Since, of course, we from STERILA… are Cat Manicas! We work for free, we simply must help and rescue cats! But we do need your support. With your money we can cover for more vet costs and more cat food. The later is essential for our feeding point network and key for any successful TNR action. Feeding points allow us to monitor cat colonies, build up trust, trap strays and check up on them after OP/release (at the very spot of trapping/feeding). Unsterilized newcomers are being detected as they don’t show the TNR ear clipping. Colonies become smaller and eventually are gone! With your donation you can prevent x millions unwanted kittens from being born. Do good – Check out our suuuperspecial rewards – And yes, do enjoy your holidays even more next time!


Thank you for food and paid vet bills

What’s normal? Chasing strays away, ignoring their misery or feeding unhealthy stuff to them? No go! Instead, we go for TNR! The internationally proven best method to fight cat overpopulation! Thanks to your financial support STERILA can feed and spay/neuter many strays every year (mostly Nov-March = least pregnancy period; highest plight). That is smart! That is the solution! Mission Possible! Uncontrolled cat reproduction on Santorini and the terrible suffering will be history! If we unite all forces. That is exactly what STERILA does.

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We also want holidays without stray-cat-business! Well, for sure not! We want to stop the immeasurable suffering and do competent TNR-actions! You can find all details on santorini-cats.com (English/German – French, Greek in process). Since there is no cat shelter on Santorini – except for our privately organised possibilities for TNR – we must have a cat shelter in the future! Because those strays not fit for the wild must get a chance too! The dumped-alive kittens, the mothers with babies, the ill ones and all strays too young for TNR. Who will donate for them?



STERILA is a non-profit/independent network, based in Zug/Switzerland, with HQ in Kamari/Santorini (queries, last-minute-assistance, onsite food/cash donations, TNR, hosting, storage etc.). We are more and more mission mates who can no longer ingore the suffering. We unite all forces: Local partners like amazing SAWA, veterinarians, cat lovers/feeders, visitors. With your help, we can feed and sterilize more cats.


With a cheerful meowwww I myself and all of us from STERILA are saying: Thank you so much for your support. We wish you and your loved ones lots of pleasure and enjoyment with our rewards! Have a look:-)