Migre le Tigre, akustik-punk einmal anders!

3 Jahre. 250 Konzerte. Über 20 Länder. 2 Alben. 1 EP. Herzblut en masse! Nach 250 Konzerten und unzähligen Kilometern brauche ich nun deine Hilfe.

Als ständig tourender Musiker fällt es mir durch hohe Reisekosten nicht leicht das nötige Geld für mein Album zusammen zu kriegen. Nun suche ich auf diesem Weg Unterstützung!

Das gesammelte Geld wird vollumfänglich für die CD-Pressung von «Heed The Call» verwendet.

Ich hoffe ab Frühling mein Album «Heed The Call» wieder im Gepäck zu haben. Danke :) Selbstverständlich gibt es auch für dich was, aber da musst du schon näher schauen.

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Pressetext von Schall und Rauch Platten:

After years of touring the world with bands like Rentokill, NRK and Tomorrow’s Ashes this young Swiss gentleman started his one man acoustic disco project Migre le tigre in April 2011. But please don’t expect just another bearded ex-punk grabbing an acoustic guitar and playing lame versions of simple punk rock songs. Not only that this dude really knows how to write songs full of passion, great riffs and melodies, he is an amazing guitar player who makes you wonder if that really is «just» an acoustic guitar in his hands. He is also a great singer who will provide you every emotion from the blackest to the brightest.

In the end of 2011 he already recorded his first album Dancing through the flames which got released by Ashes Records (UK) in March 2012. After that he was almost nonstop on the road playing more than 200 shows in almost every country in Central and Eastern Europe. In summer 2013 he finished recording his 2nd album Heed the call which was released on CD on December 6th 2013 on Ashes Records(UK) / Subversiv(CH) / No reason (IT). On march 21 2015 a new 7» EP called «Where did mom and dad go so wrong» will be released on Schall und Rauch Platten, Vienna.