MIR (means «world» in Russian and «we» in Swiss-German) is our small world where «We Learn Russian!» Each lesson and each event at our school is a special experience.

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What is MIR?

The Russian school MIR was founded in Schaffhausen in 2012 and since then has attracted interest of more than 40 families who would like their children to learn Russian in an enjoyable and inspirational way. The main objective of our school is to provide a solid basis for language development of Russian-speaking and bilingual children living in the region of Schaffhausen (Swiss and German territories).

Immersion method

MIR uses the immersion method in teaching Russian which does not center the language itself but rather the corresponding subject (music, drawing, dance etc.) Children learn the language as means of communication which allows them to learn a second language in a similar manner to the way that they have learned their first.

Semiannual performances

Twice a year children and teaches jointly organize performances where they contribute as authors, directors, decorators, costume designers and actors. This creative process is an inexhaustible source of feelings and emotional experiences. It enriches children and adults spiritually and it is the main tool of empathy development. Our innovative music shows gather dozens on family members and friends each time.

Monthly book club

Every month MIR organizes interactive book readings for children in the Russian language with music, artistic and theatric elements. Our main objective is to spark interest in books and reading though fascinating trips to the world of fairy tales organized by our imaginative storytellers.


Every weak more than 50 children between 1 and 15 years old come to MIR and plunge into their WORLD of knowledge and creativity created by the enthusiastic team of eight professional teachers whose native language is Russian. We are very international and come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan. Love to children, our language and profession have pulled us together into an enthusiastic and creative team.

Why do we need your support?

This year MIR has become self-financing in terms of operations, however for a growing organization this is just the basis. In order to stimulate further growth and enable more children to join the happy population of our WORLD we need significant investment in advertisement. Therefore we are asking for your help to collect CHF 5,000 to cover the marketing budget for 2016/17 school year.

What do you get for your support?

We are happy to share with you what is at the core of our school – the unforgettable EXPERIENCE. You can try out our language lessons or enjoy the next performance «Little Rouge Riding Hood» on June 25, 2016 including the buffet with tradition Russian dishes afterwards.