Extraordinary weekend for extraordinary women

MissAdventure Festival is an empowerment conference and a community for adventerous and ambitious women with a twist. We spread the most inspiring stories about female leaders, visionaires and entrepreneurs like Natalia Cohen who rowed across the Pacific in 280 days or the incredible story of Kajsa Tylen who decided to break 78yrs old Guinness World Record in cycling the longest distance in one year inspiring you to lead an authentic and adventerous life and show you what is all possible with a focus on digital media. However we are not only business oriented, we are life oriented and we truly focus on personal growth with a hollistic approach to success - body, mind and soul and bring experts in these areas like - mental coaches, entrepreneurs, professors, visionaries and more. We inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to live your life to the fullest. Oh and we believe women from all over the world have same needs regardless of background, nationality, race or religion and we love to create this community of women supporting each other.

We call it a Festival because it is not a typical conference in a 5 star hotel, but rather an 360 experience settled in nature with welcome drinks, networking parties, pick nick lunches and so much more. Last year we welcomed 60 ladies from 21 nations and this year we hope to welcome over 200 women from all over the world.

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It is a conference, a community, a networking party.

We believe our event is pretty unique because of the supportive energy created at the event last year- we have received numerous positive feedbacks and have truly inspired women to be adventerous in life. Some started their own companies, others met sponsors and partners. We also gathered women from 21 nations and openly discussed about some important topics like networking, negotiation, starting a digital career from home and inspiring women to live the life to the fullest all by having a fun setting - in and renovated castle, surrounded by woods and mountains, with a boho pick nic lunch and an after party. Please have a look at our website for more information https://themissadventure.com/pages/program

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Become part of our Unique Community

As you can imagine cost for conferences and events can easily go through the roof - venue, catering, decoration, agency, speakers etc. We are very far with the project - we have the full program ready, interesting speakers, the venue booked, a website, we have few confirmed sponsors and a fair amount of tickets sold. Yet we don’t have a marketing budget to spread the word and fill the rest of the spots. So we need your help. We hope you like our project and you choose to back us up!

In any case thank you for reading our story.