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Berne, Wahlern et Konolfingen

Our Recording Studio gets a facelift. For the rebuilding and installation of the new rooms we need your support!

CHF 15’878

105% de CHF 15’000

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Comment ça fonctionneä

Le principe du «tout ou rien» s’applique: l’argent ne sera reversé au projet qu’à condition d’avoir atteint ou dépassé l’objectif de financement.

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Clôturé avec succès le 25.5.2015

Our project

So far we had a small room that served as a Regie/Recording/Lounge/Mixing/Mastering Room. For bigger projects we had to rent locations that fit our purposes. (As in the video above from our latest production with Rahel Temperli)

Now we finally found a new room! We will have much more space and much more creative freedom there. These 52 square metres have to be subdivided into useful rooms for future recording projects.

Here you can see our goal of this rebuilding process, for which we rely on your financial support!

Who are we?

MixArt Records is a young team of Swiss musicians and producers ready to make their passion their career.

Marc Steiner (guitar, bass, piano, live tech, producer) is the founder of MixArt Records. Very soon his home studio was overrun with orders. So he brought in Lukas Baumann (guitar, saxophone, live tech, producer), who first helped out as a studio musician and soon became a reliable member of MixArt Records. Since last year Marco Gartenmann (drums, bass, film music, live tech) completes our team. Together we cover a very broad musical spectrum.