Help us finance a project for the Stop Suicide organization! The stand that we have imagined is a self-constructed object which status ranges from that of a furniture, a vehicle and microarchitecture.

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Successfully concluded on 26/9/2014

Mobile Stand

The Stop Suicide organization mandated us to design a mobile stand that would travel through Switzerland and act as an exchange interface between Stop Suicide’s representatives and the public on various suicide prevention campaigns. Stop Suicide wanted a mobile structure that could be transported easily and serve as an attractive element in the public space for its activities. All for a relatively limited budget.

Our Approach

In order to respond to the organization’s wishes, we imagined a hybrid object which status ranges from that of a furniture, a vehicle and microarchitecture. Informed by the ingenuity of mobile devices used in small informal economies in the global South, the project offers an effective and flexible solution while demonstrating an economical use of resources. With this in mind, the approach we chose is autoconstruction as we designed a stand that could be entirely manufactured by our team.

The Project

Our plastic and constructive research led us to develop an object including assemblages that evoke the self-build and modular aspects of the structure and the process of fabrication. The stand consists of a wooden structure which holds several boxes used to accommodate drawers, cabinets, a cooler, projector, etc. Brass fastenings give a precious look to the halved joints, the detail of which is designed to allow easy mounting and dismounting. The resin trays’ successive layers of colours and varied opacity suggest the different stages of manufacturing. Overlooking the plate and stretched on the substructure, a large piece of scrap-recycled sail will protect the stand, its visitors and stakeholders from the weather. Finally the whole system is mounted on recycled wheelchair wheels, offering the stand an easy mobility.

Once deployed in the public space, this small mobile structure will assume a maximum of functions thanks to the diverse devices that will be integrated: from an open air cinema, to a lemonade bar, or a information stand, the main aim is for it to be a user-friendly interface between Stop Suicide and the public.

Why should you support our project?

Stop Suicide is committed to pay CHF 3’500 for the conception and manufacturing of the stand. However, this amount covers less than half of the costs. This is why we are looking to raise sufficient funds to launch the manufacturing and construction of the stand. Our objective is to have it ready and running by fall 2014. The stand will significantly contribute to Stop Suicide’s mission, which is to talk about and get people to talk about suicide, to inform, raise awareness and above all to increase prevention.