A New School, A New Concept: Health-Montessori Education ! Taking care of children's health while teaching them and helping parents, at the level of education & health, here is our goal

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Successfully concluded on 8/6/2019

Creation of a Montessori School: Education & Health

Our project :

To open a New Montessori School in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and Create a New Concept : A Montessori School that will also take care of children’s health, in order to maximize their learning potential ! (A small natural care office already exists in the locals of the future school).

Our objective :

The goal of our center is : To take care of the children’s health (at the beginning: for those of 3-6 years old, then later those of 6-12 years old) while teaching them and helping parents, at the level of education & health (natural care)!

Our situation :

The locals are to be renovated ! We are already working on it! BUT THE WORK IS VERY COSTLY, SINCE WE ARE IN SWITZERLAND, WHERE THE PRICE OF A SINGLE WORKER IS UP TO A MINIMUM OF 80.- (72 Euro) PER HOUR !!!

For the moment, the renovation is done by ourselves, as well as by 2 regular volunteers!

Our request :

We would like to open the school as soon as possible (possibly at the beginning of this year, 2019), which is almost impossible !


So, help us in our race against the clock, to make this impossible goal becomes possible ! Thanks to you and all together, we can do it !!!


In summary, our school :

  • Will use the whole Montessori Method
  • Will be a Trilingual School (French, German, English)
  • Will take care of children from ages 3-6 and later, 6-12
  • Will be located in the Jura Vaudois mountains, (in the center of the village of St-George) near the city of Nyon (30 min.), Between Geneva and Lausanne.
  • Will be a place where children will experiment and live fully in a practical way, using all the Montessori equipment, adapted to their age, according to their different stages of development !
  • Will be a New School with a New Concept: Education & Health in parallel> educate children while caring for them physically (nutritional assessment, with personalized nutritherapy treatments); manual follow-ups (therapeutic massages, with osteopathic manipulations and others) … All this will aim to increase their learning potential! Health & Education Montessori seminars will be organized for parents or anyone wishing to deepen these vast topics!

The basics of our school program will consist of the 5 main areas of a Montessori School 3-6:

  1. «Practical Life»
  2. Art (Plastic Activities)
  3. «Sensory Life» (Sensory Activities; Geography; Geometry; Music)
  4. Language
  5. Mathematics

We will add, with more «emphasis»:

  • Music, which will take a very important place in the children’s environment,
  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition, and initiation to nutritherapy (to cure with foods) … … and the discovery of various therapeutic plants in the garden and surrounding area. (Gardens will be made available to children for their full development!)
  • Care of his body at the health level (general hygiene course and in particular of oral hygiene, with small adapted dental mirrors …) in prevention !
  • Introduction to accounting (in a fun way)
  • Introduction to traffic rules … (games with appropriate equipment)


We still have many ideas that we would like to put in place for the physical, psychic, emotional … development of each child!


Renovation of the multipurpose room in the basement of our future Montessori school 3-6 years

Your donations ? :

THEY WILL GO SPECIFICALLY FOR THE RENOVATION OF THE FUTURE CLOAKROOM, AS WELL AS THE MULTIPURPOSE ROOM, IN THE BASEMENT OF THE BUILDING, (see the photos below), (which will become a small refectory and a place where nutrition and cooking classes (lactose and gluten free diet included) adapted to the age of the children will be planned, as well as anatomy, music and children’s accounting classes.)


One more word:

A grandmother of our entourage offered us her piano which you can see on one of the photos above. This piano was bought at her birth. Both of them have therefore celebrated their 100th birthday early this year 2019 !

She decided to offer this gigantic gift to the children of our future school ! This grandma would dream to be able to hear us one day playing on her piano ! But there; her time and so ours, is counted, considering his age ! We would be terribly disappointed and very sorry for not being able to offer her what she wanted so much, if her death were to come! So we hurry and work with all our strength and as quickly as possible, so that we can invite this grandma with a big heart soon ! We really urgently need you, in order to have the financial means to finish the renovation ! We would be more than happy if we could reach this goal that is really important to us !!! So again a big thanks to you for your help that is so precious !!!