This is why we need your support

Two years ago we recorded our first EP, since then we played a lot of concerts, launched the Moscow Mule homepage, wrote and recorded many new songs. Unfortunately we don’t have the money yet to pay that studio-bill.

That’s what it’s good for

Music isn’t just our leisure activity – it’s our passion! And we’d love to share that with other people. Not just by giving them a CD, but by playing concerts for them! But since no one will let us play before hearing our music we need to have some recordings. This time they will be available on vinyl and digital, so you can download or stream our music. (You have to go with the flow ;))

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Why that much money?

There are two reasons why.
First of all the production was a little bit more expensive than last time, since this time we recorded more songs.
Second – whenever we recorded our EP we were two years younger and could therefore apply for the support of the «Kulturdünger» – an organisation which supports young people engaged in the cultural sector. With their contribution almost half of the costs were payed. But as it seems we are no longer considered to be «young» people, therefore we cannot apply a second time.