Montagnes de Rêve, first season

The actress Carole Dechantre is on her way to climb the legendary peaks of the Alps. The first episode of Season 2 of Mountains of Dreams will lead her to the summit of Gran Paradiso, with the mountain guide Jean Troillet.

The documentary films series Mountains of Dreams shows the ascents by their normal routes of the legendary peaks of the Alps. Carole Dechantre, actress, but also amateur mountaineer, makes the ascents of these peaks accompanied by a mountain guide, different in different regions.

We produced our first series of six films completely independently, without financial aid. The series has had a little success because our films have been seen by over 1.4 million viewers in Switzerland and France, on the television channel ESCALES.

Season 2 first episode, Le Grand Paradis

We now wish to produce, with your help, Season 2 of Mountains of Dreams. We planned five movies: the Dolomites, the Jorasses, the Eiger, the Monch and Jungfrau and the GRAN PARADISO, our first episode.

The Gran Paradiso is a summit in the Western Italian Alps. Its altitude is 4061 meters. It is known as one of the most accessible 4000 m alpine peaks. By its normal route, it is often used as the first ascent for beginner climbers.

We had the chance to shoot the first images with Carole and her guide Jean Troillet, the famous Himalayan climber. We were able to reach the summit April 27, 2012! We must now complete the filming and finalize the production of the film.