Movie-themed minigolf

by Michele Stark


I present our project, an indoor minigolf all movie-themed, we want to bring innovation and development in the minigolf sector, above all we want our customers to have fun with us


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Concluded on 26/3/2023

Movie-themed minigolf

Let’s try to create a movie-themed minigolf, each track would have its own scenario, eg Harry Potter, there will be a track in the cemetery where Tom Riddle’s father (Voldemort) is buried. There will be Harry recreated in plastic, as well as Cedric and Smooth Tail, the ball must somehow arrive in the cauldron where smooth tail threw the little Voldemort. Everything will be recreated through the help of companies and 3D printers. Obviously we can not have a bar, so it will be to build a bar, the latter will be built in theme of a Bar on the beach, this means a wooden bar with a thatched roof. This was an example of what the slopes and bar will look like. Speaking of accounting, we have 200,000 francs available, but that’s not enough, we need you! The revenues will be all the tickets sold to play with us, making a count we have come to set a price of 15 fr.- per person to play, other revenues will be the sales of drinks and sandwiches that we will sell to keep our customers busy in case of queue, while waiting for their turn to play. The expenses will be, the monthly rent, the salaries of our employees (2 responsible for the bar and one for cleaning maintenance and supply of clubs and balls). The purchase of drinks and products and the maintenance of the premises. Thank you very much for reading our project, for any questions do not hesitate to contact us. 0793329269 We are waiting for you See you soon

Nobody like us

The success will be that no one has ever thought about it, if you look there are no minigolf like this in Europe you have to be the first and succeed in the enterprise !! We must also take advantage of the moment that in Ticino and Milan there are not many leisures for children, so a minigolf like this we are sure would be a furore immediately. Everyone will want to try it because it’s something different and people like it

Why I need support

The money I would use would be only to rent the building and to build a small bar and minigolf courses inside. Thank you all and we sincerely hope to see you in person to thank you properly