Water is life

Water is life. When water is unsafe and sanitation non-existent, water can kill.

Globally, waterborne illnesses are a leading cause of death for children under five, killing nearly 1,000 children every day.

Around the world. 663 million people lack access to clean, safe water.

Clean water saves lives

UNICEF works in more than 100 countries to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities.

Whether by restoring access to clean water after a disaster or promoting safe hygiene practices in schools and communities, UNICEF is on the ground helping children in need.

Since 1990, thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, some 2.6 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water. Ninety-one percent of the global population now has improved drinking water and that number is growing.


MUN (Model United Nations) EPFL

MUN EPFL (Model United Nations EPFL) is a student association of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne which aims at preparing and training students to address the most important problems facing humanity through constructive debating.

MUN EPFL’s goal is to begin a process whereby constructive debate today can lead to solutions tomorrow. Our student association hones students towards professional teamwork, communication, negotiation, listening, problem solving and diplomatic skills.

We ran the Geneva Harmony 10 km as a team to foster the spirit of serving humanity and helping children through UNICEF. We have set an example for future generation of students to keep the flame of team work and the spirit of debating high to solve some of the most pressing problems facing humanity in the most constructive way possible.

UNICEF Harmony was the perfect platform for us, because since 2010, Harmony Geneva is working in close partnership with UNICEF, the official charity partner of the event. The vital funds raised are used to finance the installation of water pumps in countries requiring emergency assistance allowing children and their families to have access to safe drinking water.

We the MUN EPFL team ran the Geneva UNICEF Harmony 10 km in our noble endeavor to vitally support UNICEF build water pumps for clean and safe drinking water to children in need across the world.

Our pain and endurance to complete the run was nothing compared to the state of a lot of children in the world who don’t have access to clean water. We pledge your support to raise money for UNICEF for building more water pumps across the places where people need them the most and encourage young students to make a better place via diplomacy.

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Support this noble cause

Water pumps will save children who die suffering from diseases who currently do not have access to clean drinking water in several regions across the world.

It will make health significantly better as clean water will prevent disease and also encourage good hygiene.

Children who help their families in many parts of the world fetching clean water will have an opportunity to attend school helping them in their long run.

Education means a lot to little children who have big dreams. You can help empower them.

Your participation counts – it can save lives! We put our sweat and now count on you to put an end to their tears. Give it all you’ve got and support this noble cause and be proud to be a part of something great.

Your involvement will make all the difference!