Swiss artists rally for Lebanon!

We are a group of Lebanese living in Fribourg, some of us for 35 years, others for 10 years and others just for a few months, and here we come together, moved by the ongoing crisis in our country.

That’s why we decided to take action to help the most vulnerable people there, with the support of the cooperative «Le Petit Potager» which is located in the region of Byblos in Lebanon.

In order to be able to set this up and to offer you beautiful rewards, we are organising a festive, cultural and culinary day on September 6 at Nouveau Monde in Fribourg. About fifteen Swiss artists ( whose names will be revealed soon ) have joined forces, to offer you this beautiful musical day by re-interpreting in their own style songs from the Lebanese musical repertoire or to perform their own musical projects.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious brunch / meal, prepared with love by our Lebanese friends.

We can no longer talk about an economic crisis, but it is a humanitarian crisis instead.

In the span of a few months, Lebanon has become one of those countries where it is impossible to withdraw money from the bank, where tableware is traded for rice, a dress for powdered milk, where meat has become a luxury, and where some people prefer to put an end to it, leaving behind the words of a song: «I am not a heretic… but hunger is a heresy».

«The country is rekindling the demons of famine», notes historian Stéphane Malsagne, for whom «the 1915 famine», which killed 200,000 people and led to a wave of mass emigration, is «still in the minds». But this time, the drama goes far beyond that. «A real regime crisis is combined with a political crisis and an unprecedented economic and social crisis. It is their sum that makes the situation explosive,» says this specialist on the Lebanese war, who - rather than a «generalized collapse» - prefers to speak of «a multifaceted, acute, unprecedented crisis. Anne-Bénédicte Hoffner - La Croix newspaper - 10/07/2020

On the brink of bankruptcy, the Lebanese pound is dropping day by day. It has lost 70% of its value. Some of Lebanon’s most vulnerable people «are at risk of starvation as a result of this crisis,» said Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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Support farmers and those in need

«Le Petit Potager» is a cooperative located in the Byblos region of Lebanon. Its aim is to encourage farmers and to enable them to sell their crops and products through furnished baskets that are distributed to families in precarious situations.

Le Petit Potager supports the farmers in the purchase of raw materials and machinery to help them sustain their activity on a long-term basis.

Your donations will be used in a circular economy to support local producers and help people in need. A non-exhaustive list will be sent to you shortly.

It is important for us to transfer donations directly to the people concerned without going through political or religious institutions.

We thank you all very much for your support!

P.S: If the event does not take place because of a second wave of Covid-19 or quarantine, the project will be postponed and your tickets will remain valid.

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