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Project Parameters

Workshop A: Saturday, October 22, 6.00 – 9.30pm, and Sunday,

October 23, 10am – noon: Mantra chanting – The unique atmosphere of Ragas – The rhythmical language of East Indian Music, Improvisation in ensembles thus enhancing your skills at it Workshop B:

Sunday, October 23, 2.00 – 4.30pm: Piu Nandi and Pt. Udhai Mazumdar provide an insight into the depths of classical East Indian music

Concert: Sunday October 23, at 5.00pm with open end

How it started:

I met Piu Nandi at a workshop in Bern, held on a surprisingly small scale. She is a gifted musician who lives and teaches in India. Our encounter encouraged me to ask Piu Nandi whether she could imagine staging an event with Music For Peope this fall. She immediately agreed to it and suggested to be further assisted by her mentor Pt. Udhai Mazumdar, who lives in Basel. What a privilege, I thought, and presented the project to the Executive of Music for People. They were enchanted by the idea. With Piu Nandi and Pt. Udhai Mazumdar we have found truly exquisite partners for our first «Music Improvisation With Guests» event! Both musicians move with ease between different styles of music, be it classical Indian music or Jazz.

Guest Musicians And Improvisation

The idea of launching a series of events inviting musicians affiliated to Music For People Europe has been on the association’s mind since last spring. In our opinion, improvisation and intuition can effectively be conveyed through personal encounters and go hand in hand with learning and practicing. Music For People has embodied these kinds of encounters throughout the world over the past 30 years, and this in an independent and self-renewing spirit. The fact that we are about to host visitors from India is very exciting. David Darling, the founder of Music For People, developed one of the most important modes of improvisation: «droning» (making humming sounds). Further, devotion and complete immersion into the music are indispensable in Indian music. Without a doubt, Piu Nandi and Pt. Udhai Mazumdar will implement this commitment to attention in their music.

What we are yet in need of:

In view of our association’s brief existence (it was founded in 2015), our funds are far from sufficient for staging such a happening without external help. We are thus appealing to your willingness to support us with a donation towards the first event. This would lessen the financial risks and serve as a basis for future endeavours .

What will happen thanks to your contribution:

You are supporting an event of educational and intercultural value You are supporting Music For People’s music improvisation workshops Advertising is essential – we’ve printed lovely flyers and placed several ads We rent locations and equipment We offer backstage support and services during workshops and concerts We cover travel costs We put money away for an event next year

Thanks to YOU we can make it happen

In the name of the Executive I would like to thank everyone – participants, artists, donators – for any contribution towards a successful event.

With all the wishes Matthias

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vielen Dank für die ersten tollen Beiträge! Mit Eurer Unterstützung konnte zum Beispiel die Broschüre zum Anlass entworfen werden.

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News from Piu Nandi’s concerts and projects!

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