Become a professional music producer

I’m a professional musicien graduated with a Bachelor Degree in musical performance (BIMM London). Since I’ve finished my studies, I have been touring with many different artists in Switzerland, Europe and Australia.

Not only being an artist in my own projects (OVERSEA, Sebastien-H, Z-STAR DELTA), I play with others artists such as Zee Gachette, Amélie Daniel, Charlyn, Marzella & Matthieu Chedid -M-.

Today, I want to expand my musical skills as a producer and take them to another level. This would allow me to become a professional producer and to gain knowledge in this field as well as becoming independent in my work flow.

The school that propose my dream Master is located in London and is offering me the chance to study from home (that’s pretty cool considering the uncertain times we’re going through due to COVID…)!

The Master degree I would like to do isn’t a classic Music cursus but it is rather creative and quite adjustable. Of course, musical production and recording methods are taught but AMS, the University, also offers lessons on programming, live performing, research in music and many more subjects.

Make my dream come true: finish my musical studies by doing a Master Degree in Berlin

Passionated by music since my young age, I have already realised a few of my dreams: play with Matthieu Chedid, go on tour, play for thousands of people and collaborate with other artists. But today, I want to actively improve my competences in production and learn new tools that would allow my to offer a new and singular approach to music production in Switzerland.

My own approach as a musician, an arranger but also as a producer and a mixing engineer - that this Master would help perfect- will develop a 360° vision in the music production domain as well as insure a bigger success in my music carreer.

Support a local artist passionated by sharing music and promote swiss art and culture!

Helping me to finance this Master in production would be a real chance for a passionated swiss artist to promote his art in a professional manner. It would help me offer an artistically accomplished work and approach in the music production field. This would help me get better visibility and success in my wish to become a fully independent musician & producer.