Why is:

It is about the dream of independence and something to move. In the video is explained a lot but with words to read it is perhaps even easier. I have decided to change the music business and revive it a little better and give young talented musicians a chance to achieve something. Not only in Switzerland but worldwide. I try to grow as soon as possible and create branch offices to get closer to the musicians and the customers, so to be with you. Will give you more articles and the natural cheaper but which only goes if you can deliver more more. Equipment for the studios, training and further education for musicians and myself, the licenses, running costs, wages, studio time, CD or vinyl pressing everything must be covered. Unfortunately, money ruled the world. I am a startup and pursue my dream of creativity. I went to Switzerland 2 years ago and come originally from Bavaria. Music has always fascinated me. Here you can switch off, reminisce and dream. It encourages you, you remember festivals in youth. I hope very much I can convince you and thank you much for your support.

Examples of products:

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