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Our goal is to publish a high-end coffee table photo-book featuring the world of freesports in the Engadine valley, Switzerland.

Alpine. Nature. Paradise.

Living in the Engadine valley means having a backyard with almost 300 sunny days per year, four very different and exciting seasons and being surrounded by surreal settings. Being able to experience such a diverse range of freesports is very unique and makes our backyard one of the top destinations worldwide for outdoor sports.

Action. Freedom. Passion.

The endless quest for adrenalin and the feeling of freedom and disconnection after a hard day at work are the drive and soul of freesports. With endless possibilities, new sports popping up and the combination of all of them, we stand in a very exciting time.

Concept. Idea. Essence.

This is a very personal project, because we live and breathe freesports. It was essential for us to work with people from the valley, trying to give their passions a voice. The main goal of this project is to capture the essence of freesports and let people that are not familiar with these sports peak into their universe.

Endorse. Support. Back.

We have been working on this project for three years and we need your help to be able to publish this book. Top notch quality is our standard and we want this high-end coffee table photo-book to be an item you must have in your personal library. The budget is strictly for the printing costs of the book. All photography, design, texts and the dedication of the athletes are based on pure passion.

Thanks for your support.


Filip Zuan & My Backyard Crew


Ice skating, Snowboarding, Skiing, Ice climbing, Biking, Yoga, Climbing, Cliff diving, Kiteboarding, Skateboarding, Fishing & Standup paddling


Ivo Florin, Luca Kuppelwieser, Thomas Heinz, Men Schmidt, Gabriele Torriani, Andri Stoisser, Felice Pozzi, Patrick Koller, Lucas Swieykowski, Annatina Valentin, Moreno Calvo, Nik & Antonin Meuli, Raffael Viletta, Julian Zanker, Thomas Brunner, Cäsar Grob, Kevin Franzi, Christina Koller, Samia Sturz, Roberto Furger, Florian Rubertus, Benjamin Wittmann, Manuel Bolt, Roman Klopfstein, Daniel Meuli & Steven Missiaen


Fabrizio D’Aloisio

Design & photography:

Filip Zuan