My First Table is an add-on table for the Stokke® Tripp Trapp® high chair. Thanks to its right-angled shape, it connects directly to the dining table, so the toddler falls down much less.


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Concluded on 2/5/2024

Top table for the Stokke® Tripp Trapp® high chair

We are two fathers who had the same problem. Like many people, we have the Tripp Trapp® high chair from Stokke® for our toddlers. But our children were dropping everything left and right. Whether it was food, drinks or toys, everything ended up on the floor. So we sat down together and looked for a solution, and we found it;-). We developed a top table that connects directly to the table, so much less falls off. Made of plywood, no plastic, and Made in Switzerland.

Our patented table top is made up of three parts and simply slides onto your Tripp Trapp®. No screws are needed, the three parts are positively connected to each other. My First Table is suitable for toddlers aged approx. 1-3 years.

We produce My First Table in an institution for the professional and social integration of people with health impairments, a support that is important to us.

You can order the table at, we now need your support to spread the word about My First Table so that many more can benefit from it!

  • My First Table personalized (see Rewards)
    My First Table personalized (see Rewards)

Sustainable and practical!

My First Table is the only table for your Tripp Trapp® that is not made of plastic, but of plywood. Also made in Switzerland. Thanks to its rectangular shape, My First Table attaches directly to your dining table, so your toddler has much less chance of falling off. You can also use your Tripp Trapp® with My First Table as a stand-alone high chair, for example when you are cooking.

Capital for marketing, sales and production

The development and patenting process took a lot of time and money. Our resources are exhausted and we need new capital for marketing and production.

In marketing terms, this means

  • a more professional homepage
  • Social media advertising
  • Internet advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Trade fair visits with your own stand

In concrete terms, this means in sales:

  • Budget for the development of a professional sales organization

In concrete terms, this means in production:

  • Optimization of production costs through higher quantities in series production
  • This optimizes the sales price

Many, many thanks for your support!!!