Why should you support us?

We’re Mycelia and after years of doing recordings, producing and promotion completely by ourselves, we spent the last year on writing new songs and preparing a new album that shall not only be a delight to the typical technical or progressive metal lover but also might capture the attention of any other audiophiles. By supporting us you’re not only helping us in recording our first studio album, you’re finally gonna get to hear our music professionally produced!

Be assured that every single Cent of the donated money will bring us one step closer to our much longed for Studio LP!


What’s in it for you?

By supporting us with a pledge you have not only pre-ordered a copy of the CD, which will be signed and sent to your place as soon as we’ve received them, you can also get one of many other rewards!

  • Custom Mycelia Shoes
  • Custom 14’’ Wooden Snare Drum
  • Mycelia T-Shirts
  • … and much more….

Here you can see one of the songs from the album as play through video