We create 100% natural, vegan & gluten-free cookies that contain Vitamin B12, D, Omega 3 & more. Perfect for a plant-based diet - good for everyone. Help us to produce them and enjoy their taste!

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Successfully concluded on 28/5/2020

Our Plant-Based mission

We all love something sweet - but why does our planet have to suffer every time a pack of cookies is purchased? Even when you’re able to find vegan cookies, palm oil is listed as an ingredient and the packaging is plastic. But why?

For those taking dietary supplements - have you ever wondered why you need to compromise on your health with products that aren’t environmentally friendly? What’s the point of vitamins and minerals, when they contain ingredients that you try to avoid through plant-based foods?

We want a sustainable change!

A year ago we started naanu by creating cookies that are vegan and gluten-free. Not only that - a single cookie provides 100% of your daily Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Omega 3 and is a high source of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Fiber and more. Made only with natural ingredients, they’re palm oil-free (obvs), we offer a ’no-added sugar’ option and our packaging is biodegradable. Naanu are perfect for those on a plant-based diet - good for everyone!

Today, after a year of continuous recipe development and lab tests, we’re excited to launch our first crowdfunding campaign. We want to bring sustainable change to the cookie and supplements aisle, and to you.

Create a sustainable future with us!

Ethically and organically ingredients are expensive and sometimes difficult to come by. (We searched high and low for vegan chocolate chips that are organic.) We’ve already figured out our ingredients, flyers from recycled paper, sustainable packaging and stamps (rather than stickers) but now we need some help.

Our objectives with this campaign are to:

  • have a greater impact on the world
  • expand into a fully certified vegan & gluten-free kitchen
  • empower people in a simple, healthy and enjoyable way
  • continue developing our ingredient prep (bigger kitchen required)

The 20’000.- CHF will allow us to set up a more sustainable production, as we have been baking each new order separately. In the next several weeks after the campaign ends we’ll already be able to share your rewards with you!

By reaching our goal we can take further action towards a more sustainable future! By supporting our campaign you’ll be an integral part of our mission and will always be a part of all our future successes. We want you to join our sustainable journey.

Support us and the people you love!

By supporting us - you support others too! As covid-19 is keeping many of us self-isolated and healthcare workers overloaded we’ve thought of two special rewards. This allows you to support us and someone special at the same time.

Our naanu cookies come in three delicious flavours (each with the same amount of nutrients):

  • Chocolate Chip, our original and the most classic cookie of all time.
  • Double Chocolate, we are in Switzerland afterall!
  • Peanuts & Choc Chip, our naughtiest flavour! All of our cookies are handmade by us with our ’no-added sugar’ version that is naturally sweetened with dates!

Check out photos below to discover some of our rewards. Maybe we’ll meet you for an exclusive taste testing or for a vegan apéro?