A social impact project that hires street children and unemployed youth from slums as city guides in Nairobi to put their unique street skills into practice in order to earn a regular income.

CHF 2’306

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 18/12/2017

We give a lost generation an opportunity in life

Our goal is to give a lost generation in Nairobi - unemployed youth from Mathare slum like street children - an opportunity to earn a regular income through a future-oriented high-quality job.

We develop innovative business opportunities for this type of youth where they can put their skills, which they gained during their daily struggles in the streets, into practice to have a sustainable life.

The first business we invented, Nai Nami Tours, gives former street children of Nairobi an opportunity to work as city guides for tourists and expats. During a personal, one-on-one, walking tour in Nairobi Downtown with the guides, our clients get the opportunity to experience the real Nairobi through the eyes of street children. It is all about exchange! Clients learn from their street skills, they can ask all their questions, get the real insights into their way of life and get inspired and captivated by their life stories and ghetto-energy. The exchange that occurs during the tour inspires both, the youth guides as well as our clients.

After a successful pilot phase, we officially started in July 2017. As of today, we have 3 youth guides who did 40 tours with 100 clients from 20 different countries.

Our goal is to hire 10 unemployed youth from slums as tour guides by end of 2017, earning a middle-class salary.

We focus on their existing street skills and make them sustainable

Our project flips the whole model of common NGOs in slums. Their common approach is to educate and train youth in order to make them fit into the formal sector. It is hardly recognized and acknowledged that youth from slums already possess skills, which they gained during their daily struggles in the streets. To make sure this potential is getting used and will not be lost, Nai Nami Tours has been born.

Based on their existing street skills, we develop new formal businesses that require exactly this type of skills youth from slums have, to succeed. Youth are highly motivated and committed to Nai Nami Tours as they get the first time in their life a sense of recognition and pride by creating value for middle and upper-class society.

More businesses are already in a pilot phase: Our guides offer Sheng lessons, which is the Kiswahili street slang, to make tourists and foreigners more street smart while facing daily interactions with local people.

Professionalise and develop the business to become 100% self-sustainable and hire more unemployed youth

Branding consultant: CHF 430 We need a logo, colour pattern and concept to create a branding strategy for our audience

Web-developer & domain: CHF 200 Our current webpage has been done with a free template. To look professional, we need a domain and a semi-professional who can create a real webpage for us.

Photographer: CHF 90 The tourism industry it’s all about videos and pictures. We need a photographer, who can take professional pictures and create a video trailer of our tour.

Flyers & business cards: CHF 80 To get more clients, we need to print 1000 flyers and 250 Business Cards that can be distributed in Nairobi

Company registration: CHF 400 To be in line with the local law, we have to register the business as a company, which only can be done by a lawyer

Tour Operator License: CHF 240 According to the local law each and every tour operator needs a tour operator license for its guides. We currently have 3 guides which will cost CHF 80 per guide.

Trademark / Intellectual Property: CHF 50 To protect our brand and service, we have to register the trademark at the Intellectual Property Institute of Nairobi.