Create with us two new natural face serums, made in Switzerland in an eco-responsible and social approach! Their secret ingredient? Assets from upcycling food waste!

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Natural, local and effective serums

Hello everyone!

5 years ago, I created the Forêt Bleue brand with the idea of developing a range of unisex natural cosmetics, made in Switzerland in an eco-responsible approach. But that’s not all! These products also had to be effective, pleasant to use and look at and have a positive social impact.

Successful bet! Despite the many obstacles encountered (I’ll spare you the various setbacks linked to Covid and the constant tightening of legislation governing cosmetics), Forêt Bleue is holding its course! Our products sont désormais present in one fifty points of vente répartis dans toute the Suisse romande, ainsi que sur notre boutique en ligne.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Forêt Bleue, we would like to develop two new products: a moisturizing face serum and a purifying face serum! We are calling on you today because we need your help to achieve this.

  • Our bamboo serum
    Our bamboo serum
  • Our bamboo serum
    Our bamboo serum
  • Some of our products
    Some of our products
  • Emmanuelle, the founder of Forêt Bleue
    Emmanuelle, the founder of Forêt Bleue

Why new serums?

In 5 years, we have developed a community of ultra-loyal customers with whom we communicate a lot. From our many discussions it emerged that your favorite product in our range is our anti-aging facial serum with bamboo extract! After all, we understand you, who doesn’t fall for very soft skin with the divine scent of lotus flower? Many of you have told us that they hope to see us develop versions of our serum, focused on other actions.

This is our project! Like the 11 other products in our range, these serums will be composed of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin. They will be inspired by what you like about our bamboo serum: its fresh texture that is super pleasant to apply, its incredible smell and its formidable effectiveness!

They will contain active ingredients from the recovery of food waste, as this is a particularly ecological way of manufacturing cosmetic ingredients. What could be more interesting than giving a second life to waste that would otherwise end up in the trash?

Like our other products, these serums will be manufactured in the canton of Vaud by a small company which donates part of its turnover to associations active in the protection of animals. They will be made in a traditional way, in small quantities to avoid the inevitable waste during industrial production.

They will then be labelled, numbered, put in cases, then put in parcels in Geneva within PRO, a company with a social mission which employs people usually excluded from the labor market, in particular because of a disability.

Why a moisturizing serum?

Good hydration is the most essential thing for the skin. Well-hydrated skin has a healthy skin barrier, which keeps the skin impermeable to prevent water from leaking out. This allows the skin to remain smooth, supple and plump. Our moisturizing serum is suitable for all skin types and ages, because we all need hydration!

Why a purifying serum?

Applying a purifying treatment helps to fight against imperfections, such as blackheads and pimples, which are often at the center of skin concerns. Purified skin is brighter skin! Our purifying serum will also be suitable for everyone, but it will be particularly recommended for skin that tends to develop blackheads and pimples.

Wondering how these new products will be made? To give you an idea, see how our anti-aging serum is currently made in the video below:

What will your support be used for?

The funds collected thanks to this crowdfunding will help us finance the steps necessary for the development of new products: the formulation carried out with a chemist engineer in cosmetics formulation, the various lab tests (skin and eye irritation, conservation and compatibility between the formula and its container), the purchase of raw materials, containers and packaging and the production of the first batch.

Since the development of cosmetic products is a process that can take a long time, the delivery of the counterparts containing the new serums is planned for the summer of 2023! For those in a hurry, we offer several rewards made up of products from our current range as well as collaborations with some local business friends, which will be delivered as soon as the crowdfunding campaign is over.

Join us in this new adventure, and create with us your new favorite serums!

Photography: Julie Chironi, Fabien Scotti and Nicole Hertel