Li Pisce Zompano!

«Li pisce zompano» is an old Neapolitan way of saying «The fish are jumping!» and is both the name of our album and our motto for life. It means that the world is alive and full of energy, ready for acts of joyful creation. Though we come from two very different countries (USA and the Czech Republic), we have found ourselves in the rich and colourful repertoire of Neapolitan Song, a living tradition we are excited to be a part of. Deeply inspired by the classical guitar arrangements of Fausto Cigliano and Mario Gangi (check them out on youtube!), we are finally ready to record our own album of 10 songs arranged for voice and two classical guitars.

Maestra Scarpato and Dialect Training

One of the biggest challenges of this project for me (Bryan) as a singer is trying to get the Neapolitan dialect right. So much of the music lives within the language and pronunciation itself. I have been working for several months with the wonderful Maestra Irene Scarpato, the Neapolitan singer of Suonno D’Ajere (check them out on youtube as well!). She has been mercilessly teaching me to understand, pronounce, and sing these amazing songs. Part of our crowdfunding will go towards paying for her travel expenses to be in the studio with us, making sure every word sounds the way it should!

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Michelangelo Nusco and Neapolitan Street Art

All of the artwork for this album project will be hand drawn by Michelangelo Nusco, the great Neapolitan street artist and musician (he is the violinist of Ars Nova Napoli, check them out on youtube too!). Taking inspiration from both the sea life of Napoli and the very special aesthetic of old Neapolitan printed music, Michelangelo is sure to help us make a product that feels like having a piece of Napoli in your hand.

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