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We want to create a sanctuary for the abandoned and abused animals on Mallorca. In contrast to the killing stations, this should not set a time limit for the survival of the animals.

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Concluded on 26/4/2019

We give animals a home and a place of love on Mallorca

In Mallorca there are countless stray and abused animals which are captured by the state and delivered to a killing station, where they are given a period of 21 days. Thus we have the chance of adoption and the possibility to save an animal life! After this period the animals will be killed regardless of their health or age. Animal Police Association on Mallorca opposes this cruel and unnecessary action. Our aim is to create a new home for the exposed and abused animals, in the form of a sanctuary, where they can be cared for and loved in a healthy way and where they can build up trust in people again. In a healthy and familiar state, we then pass on our animals to people who love animals and have a species-appropriate home. Help these wonderful animals to find a home, we count on your donation!

  • Animals in need
    Animals in need
  • Animals in need
    Animals in need

My project is special because ...

Animal Police Association not only wants to help the living animals, but also to fight the cause of the problem. In concrete terms, this means that we carry out castrations on street cats and dogs or organise workshops in schools and seminars in which society experiences and sensitises people to the handling of animals. Of course we also make sure that the animals get a big portion of love every day, because animals also want to be loved!

We from Animal Police Association fight for the right of animals! This includes not only the right to survive, but also the right to a beautiful existence worth living.

  • Our friends are getting medical attention.
    Our friends are getting medical attention.
  • We fight for every little life
    We fight for every little life

You can make the difference, we need your help!

The animals on Mallorca need you! They are abandoned, imprisoned, abused and killed. The Swiss Animal Police Association takes care of them, but our means are limited. This is exactly where you come into play! Already with a small donation you can make a big difference.

In order to save even more lives of animals, we need our own reception centre. In this station we want to take in the animals, provide them with medical care and take care of them healthily and happily with a lot of love. We are infinitely grateful for every support! With your help we can realize our dream.

  • & with much love healthy and cheerfully cared for
    & with much love healthy and cheerfully cared for
  • No matter what animal, we'll save them all!
    No matter what animal, we'll save them all!