A flag doesn't last forever. Our standard has been eaten by moths and is to be replaced by a new flag. For the 60th anniversary we want to realize this with your support.

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Our club flag

A club flag or standard represents a club on public occasions, such as village receptions or festivals. And it is also used for important personal events by club members, e.g. when standing guard at weddings and, in the sad case of abdications. Regardless of the occasion, it is important that the flag meets the representative requirements. Our rye guild standard no longer does this - after many such occasions it has become ’rotten’ over time and now has an unsightly, irreparable crack.

  • ja, genau hier ist sie kaputt
    ja, genau hier ist sie kaputt

60 years Roggenzunft (rye guild)

The rye guild celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2024, an occasion to combine the procurement of the flag with it. In the past, the lead trot on horseback was an important part of every carnival parade. Therefore, since 1980 we had a standard that was proudly presented by the first rider. Horses in a carnival parade are becoming rarer and rarer, and on official occasions our standard looked a little ’puny’ next to the large flags of the other village associations. That’s why we decided at the 2023 AGM to get a new, larger flag instead of a new standard.

The big investment

Club flags are not off-the-peg goods, but are individually handcrafted from fine materials. When the last standard was procured in 1980, it was still usual for the Fahnengötti and the Fahnengotte to pay for this large investment as a donation to the association from their own pockets. Today, hardly one or two people can be expected to do it. Since the celebrations for the flag consecration on November 12th, 2023 will tear a big hole in the association’s coffers, we have decided to go this way of financing. We have already received a large part of the total sum from a private donation. Now we hope for your commitment to get the remaining amount together so that we can appear with a great, newly designed flag in the future.