Eine Band, die Stadion-Refrains mit brachialen Gitarrenriffs, eingängigen Melodien, paukendem Schlagzeug und groovigen Bass mit progressiven Elementen verbinden – das sind Invisible Mirror!

A metal band that combines stadium choruses with strong and heavy riffs, mind-breaking melodies, impulsive drums and grooving bass lines, mixed with progressive elements – that’s Invisible Mirror!

Become a part of Invisible Mirror’s second album

Unfortunately, an album production doesn’t only consist of writing great songs. A big part is finding a way to finance it.

We paid for the bulk of the production costs ourselves. The pre-production is already done and paid for. Our collaborator was Dani Löble, drummer of the legendary Heavy-Metal-Band «Helloween».

Nevertheless, to finalize the production we need your support. Help us finance a part of the studio rates, mixing and mastering, cover design and a video clip. In return you will receive some great goodies.

Thank you very much for your support! Without you we are nothing!

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The story

Invisible Mirror started in 2010 as a one-man-project. After Ricky produced the first album mainly by himself, Invisible Mirror became a band with our first gig at the album’s release party. Since then we played a lot of shows in Switzerland and our neighboring countries. The band’s career highlights were shows with Blaze Bailey (Ex-Iron-Maiden), At Vance and of course the «Xmas in Hell Tour» with Six Feet Under across Germany in December 2014.