KILLER – New album for 2018

Times are hard for rock bands …! This is why innovative ideas are needed to emphasize the great masses. A suitable tool for this is still the essential, a professionally produced new album with catchy compositions. That is why we want to produce a new CD with KILLER.We have 12 new hardrock songs in petto in the well-known KILLER style, composed by guitarist Crown Kocher and singer Andy Lickford. Even the demo pops the full boom around your ears and lets you guess how the professional production will beat. Help with a donation, so that one of the most crazy Rockbands in Switzerland can start over and look forward to the goodies which the band offers you.

Why we need money

The times are definitely over that a record company spend a five-digit amount as an advance on anticipated royalties to record a new CD for a band. This is not least due to the total overkill of bands and musical events, as well as the increasing tendency of the pirate download of music tracks. This is why bands now depend on the support of their supporters. Of course, we could go to an amateur engineer and record an absolute low-cost production. But we won’t be happy with and you not either. A badly produced CD sounds like Bullshit and nobody would want to buy it…. not even as a free download.

Why we need your support

That’s why we want to do something good and a good production costs a lot of money. Of course, we will grab in our own wallet and contribute our personal money to it but for the whole production we simply lack the snort. That is why we are dependent on your help … !!

We need about 8’000.- €uros for recording, mixing and mastering in a professional recording studio, as well as 2’000.- € for the production of the CD’s. The working title of our new album is DEADSHOT and here is a prototype of the cover of the CD