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International New Music Festival «reMusik»

«reMusik» is the Saint-Petersburg International New Music Festival, which will take place this coming May from the 21st-25th 2014 at the beginning of the famous White Nights during the summer season in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The festival takes an active role in projects for promoting SWISS CONTEMPORARY MUSIC.

One of the features of this year’s festival will be 3 nights dedicated entirely to new music from Switzerland. Playing will be Swiss Ensembles «LEMANIC MODERN ENSEMBLE» under the direction of the renowned Swiss composer and conductor William Blank and Ensemble «VORTEX». The project of the festival is aimed at educating and increasing the awareness of the Russian public, musicians, and composers to some of the most important trends in world musical culture in the sphere of new music, with a special emphasis this year on the national context of Switzerland.


Why should you support the project

Importantly, the SWISS MUSIC’s St.Petersburg performances could not have been possible without the initial support of our Swiss friends and partners.

reMusik.org is a NGO and Non-Profit organization located in St. Petersburg, Russia and as such, we require much support from the private sector. By becoming a Friend you’ll not only play a valued role in supporting Swiss composers and performance artists, but your help also assures the success of this event and it will encourage dialogue between the Russian public and contemporary music around the world, while being able to experience a high quality musical event.

Your financial contribution will make a huge difference in supporting this festival and our greater vision.

We would be truly honored by your efforts – small or large – to help us promote SWISS MUSIC through to the festival we now believe it deserves to reach. Our many thanks to you all!