The New Piano Trio is back

We love pop. Do you? Of course you do! No one can deny the pull of good pop music. That’s why we are dedicating our new album to this wonderful genre.

«But…you are a piano trio…right?» Let us dispel any false hopes right from the start: We have not traded our violin for an electric guitar or our piano for a Marshal stack. Florian still plays violin, Ivan is on the cello, and Alexander still plays piano. With these instruments we have unlocked the secrets of pop-art and repackaged them in the form of a classical piano trio.

«I Love Pop» is a love letter to the essence of the pop movement. Seemingly simple music will be will be elevated to high art, filled with poetic imagery and deeply felt emotions. The sound is in the beat. Complex and subtle. We call it «Poplex».

The new style: Poplex Music

Our violinist and composer Florian says, «The complexity lies in the simple, unobtrusive nature of this compositional form. What remains is poetry. Pure poetry.»

We have captured this poetry in 12 new songs and you will be able to hear them soon! That’s why we’ll be headed into the studio in early December of this year. For this recording, we have something special in mind. We want to record in front of a live studio audience! This way we’ll be able to record the live energy of a true performance: direct, honest and uncompromising. We want to give you the chance to be there. Are you coming?

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And now?

To make this live recording and video we need your support. We have calculated EUR 8,888 for the recording studio, film crew, editing of sound and video, mixing and mastering, as well as design and printing costs for the booklet and LP. In exchange for your commitment you will be handsomely rewarded!

Have a look at the the list of rewards on the right side of our page and choose one you like. Not only can you buy the finished album, you can also secure a place in the audience for the studio recording or even book us for a private party at your place.

Will you help bring the New Piano Trio into the world? We are counting on you and appreciate all of your support! If you can’t wait that long to hear us live, here are some of our upcoming performances:

  • 19.Oktober – Zürich, Villa Irniger
  • 21.Oktober – Brüssel, Bozar
  • 16.November – Wien, Radiokulturhaus
  • 1.Dezember – Berlin, *secret location