The Project

A classical formation presenting itself in a new light: fresh, contemporary, innovative and versatile, but at the same time artistically worthwhile and highly reputable.

On their debut album the New Piano Trio manages to combine tradition and innovation, creating a unique scope of sound. The pieces written by violinist Florian Willeitner intrigue and electrify the audience live in concerts. Therefore it is about time, they can be enjoyed at home on CD and LP as well.

The album

For the debut album, violinist  Florian Willeitner has written over an hour worth of music. There are two piano trios with three respectively four movements, a «Pascalina» and a piece with the intriguing title «Irish wedding in Bukarest». All songs have been composed exclusively for the New Piano Trio and are only performed by us.

What we need your support for:

  • Renting the recording studio for 2 days
  • Post Production (mixing and audio mastering)
  • Booklet: Photos, design, text and translation
  • Label & Promotion
  • Pressing of CDs and LPs

What we have financed already:

  • Renting the recording studio for 2 days
  • Teaser-video
  • Photos for the website as well as promotion material

Preview here!

The trio and its philosophy

We – that is Maria, Florian and Ivan – are classically trained and internationally active musicians. Instead of devoting ourselves to only one kind of music, we strive to create a limitless fusion of various ones. Our formation wants to create a profound and exciting bond between several styles of music, but moreover we are committed to finding our own, unique sound.

This is why we combine:

  • Traditional AND modern elements
  • goove AND virtuosity
  • well-known AND creative elements
  • improvisation AND form