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What it is about?

We want to make a beautiful music video for the release of our LP «Jurassic Colour». Therefore we work together with a director who understands our ideas and is able to visualize our music. We want to use the video to primarily promote our music und to gain a bigger audience. It is a unique project, since the song ’New Sun’ deals with the topic of escapism. To visualise this topic and to wrap it up into a story is a challenge that us and our director are eagerly embracing. Beneath you will find further links presenting ourselves and our band, as well as a video that was done by our director.


This is why we need your support

We already cemented ideas for the song «New Song», which we want to implement now. We planed a budget with our director to create something to our liking. In our budget we are planning costs like the rent of the equipment, professionals that work on the set, and maintaining as well as catering the whole team. We try to independently implement the creative process and need the money to cover the expenses that incur around the project.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, il video è stato rimosso dal progettista.

Your Reward

You have the chance to support a great project, and to get rewarded. For example with an artwork poster.