NoBetterOption For Musicians

by NBO Start-Up


Today, digital accessories have become essential for musicians.
NBO BaXboard is THE solution to keep them at hand. Counterparts for everybody even if you are not a musician ;)

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 14/10/2021

The tool that will change every musician's life!

My name is Nathan Bonjour, I am a drummer and I have been touring internationally for 10 years with several bands including Bastian Baker. With my start-up NBO, I propose an innovative accessory that meets a real need for musicians. Developed with the help of VF Ingénierie, Swiss engineers, the NBO BaXboard is ready to be launched on the market, but for that I need you! Musicians or not, you can support the project with counterparts to discover for all tastes in addition to exclusive pre-orders of the NBO BaXboard and music accessories (private concert, Logitech mouse, mouse pad, etc. …).

The principle of wemakeit is all or nothing, so I need you to succeed in reaching my goal of 15’000 CHF to launch my production! If not, I will receive nothing and contributors will be refunded.

What is the NBO BaXboard ?

Versatile, affordable and innovative, the NBO BaXboard is a stand with a modular extension, a 360° adjustable clamp, a storage net and a magnet. It attaches anywhere: on drums, cymbal stands, or microphone stands and is compatible with all acoustic and electronic drums.

Made of solid and durable materials (steel), it is designed to have no vibration problems. The NBO BaXboard allows you to remotely control your computer, use your phone, hang your sheet music, your setlist, place your controllers and much more.

We’ve thought of every detail to make musicians’ lives easier and better :)

The NBO project and the counterparts

This year without concerts gave a real boost to the development of my start-up NBO. I took advantage of this period to diversify as an artist and to work on a project that was really close to my heart: the BaXboard.

My project shows that the health crisis can also have positive aspects and has opened new doors for me.

For each step of this project, I met the right person at the right time. For this last step, that person is you! Help me finance my first series of 250 pieces by reaching the goal of 15’000 CHF, and enjoy exclusive presales and unique counterparts on this wemakeit page!

Everyone can also contribute by sharing the campaign page on their networks :)