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Opening of a Vintage Shop Online

With this online platform, you will have access to vintage clothes all over Switzerland.

We offer you :

=> Classic vintage clothes (Vintage Classic)

=> Branded vintage clothing (Vintage Branded)

All this for reasonable prices in both ranges of clothing offered!

A website and a mobile version have already been developed & we have also contacted several suppliers. All that remains is the stock to be financed.

NOCTEM’s main goal is to make vintage clothing, whatever it may be, accessible to everyone everywhere in Switzerland.

We also plan to organize, for example a weekend a month, a sale in a shop arranged for a weekend! (Pop-up shop)

This in different cities of Switzerland mainly Zurich, Biel, Freiburg, where there are already concepts of rental of Pop-up shop.


What is special about our project

No need to order expensive clothes abroad (and I don’t talk about the shipping cost & the customs fee )!

No need to travel all over Switzerland looking for flea markets!

In addition, artists who wish to do so can sell their creations via a personal space at noctem.ch or simply request a publicity stunt. All for free and without charge, the site is already paid and hosted.

What will your support be used for?

The money collected will be used as follows:

Order a stock according to your expectations (see survey below)

Delivery costs via Swiss Post (7.- costs + 2.- cardboard)

  1. x the number of contributors

Payment of the platform margin 6% + 4% of fees of transactions

Organisation of a Pop-up Shop a few weeks after the campaign

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