Collaborative II: CNNA We are three swiss designers and we are moving to Argentina to work on a collaborative, cultural and social project of a nomadic cinema.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/11/2016

The Project:

We are going to Argentina to build ourselves and with the help of local people a transportable cinema. This cinema will pop up in the public space of several towns and travel in a little truck. Each night, independent movies will be shown.


We are the designers from the architecture studio: «Le Repaire Fantastique». It has been several years that we are aiming for projects with a social goal but also to promote trough our work our ideals like: the collaboration, the intervention in the public space, making projects that we build ourselves but also the independent culture and the organization of events. After a trip to south America the idea of making something there came out. We found support and interest for our approach trough the Swiss embassy in Argentina. Therefore we decided to jump on the opportunity and extend our work to the province of Salta.

Why do we need your help?

We will build the cinema with makers from Argentina. This architecture is made of a serie of objects, all dismountable.
We will need to make a projection tower: to hold and stabilize at the right place the projector in the best conditions. A screen: a structure will give the right tension to the flexible screen. Benches, to give unity to the cinema. We will also make a barbecue (parilla) because we are in Argentina and we need to animate the early evenings. We will install a system of lights to make the nights even more beautiful. Your help will help us finding the right tools and buying the good materials in order to provide a high quality system that is going to be useful for several years. We will also need to buy some technical elements like a sound system, a projector and a generator of electricity. Your help is important to us!