NOOW – art on screen

by dloop AG and Tom Rieder

Bern and Zug

Let’s enrich the world with art. NOOW is the world’s first blockchain based platform for selling and exhibiting limited edition artworks on screen. Your support, allows us to launch the app globally.

CHF 3’590

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 14/10/2019

The innovation

We bring limited, curated art on screens. With our app you can easily buy, trade and exhibit digital artworks. In June we launched the first release on Swisscom TV and now we want to go global. Help us make our dream come true and enrich the world with digital art.

What have we achieved so far?

  • January 2018: Best of Kickbox Jury & Public Award won
  • September 2018: Private investors support the project
  • May 2019: NOOW launched on Swisscom TV

Who needs NOOW?

Artists: There is no easier way for artists to bring their art directly into living rooms, lobbies and restaurants. Especially artists who produce digital artworks and moving images appreciate the possibility to limit works and distribute them directly on screens.

Companies: With NOOW every lobby, every hotel and hospital room is brought to life with art.

Art lovers: We offer selected works by over 40 curated artists - more than 25,000 digital editions in total.

Art collectors: No collection has a value if it cannot be resold. Thanks to the digital certificate, any collector can trade the purchased work.

It has never been easier to exhibit and discover art. NOOW turns your living room and every hotel lobby into an art exhibition.

Blockchain technology makes it possible

Blockchain is a decentralized storage system in which transactions are stored simultaneously and invariably on a large number of computers. NOOW uses Blockchain technology to certify and limit editions and track the provenance of artworks. NOOW uses Ethereum Blockchain and ERC 721 Smart Contracts. The digital certificates of authenticity, come in form of a token and can be easily transferred by buyers and artists to new users. Use without hurdles: Despite blockchain, NOOW users don’t need to posess crypto currencies and Ethereum wallets.

We need your support

Help us to develop NOOW. At the moment our system only runs on Swisscom TV. With your help we can bring NOOW to all Smart TVs and develop a web app. Join us in enriching the world with digital art and support our campaign. Now.