About the Project

The non-profit exhibition project Nordic Spells* shows contemporary visual art from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroese, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark in Basel.

In the first year, five exhibitions on the topic «Nature and Landscape» take place. Invited artists are, a.o. Christian Skeel, Johanna Amnelin (Project image), Maibritt Rangstrup, Ken Zier, Steen Larsen und Bengt-Göran Eriksson.

Young researchers in the field of Art History, Nordic Studies and Cultural Studies present the latest, thematically relevant questions and conclusions to You.

In addition, a broad and variegated Events program (printing workshops, how to make your own camera, drawing, discussions, frokost, etc.) create chances for You to get to know the artists and get involved.


About 60% of the project’s budget in the first year is given by Nordic funds. The rest of the budget is financed by voluntary work, public funding and private funders like You.

Your input

Nordic Spells* is not only about the promotion of Nordic artists and young researchers. It’s also about getting together, creating a place where the North meets with the Swiss. Easy, sociable meetings are therefore a vital part of the project. With Your input we organise smaller and bigger refreshments – so the typical Nordic «hygge» finds its way to Basel.

Exhibition dates

  • 31.10. to 02.11.2014
  • 19.12. to 21.12.2014
  • 20.02. to 22.02.2015
  • 17.04. to 19.04.2015
  • 12.06. to 14.06.2015


Haupt – Ort für Gestaltung, Holbeinstrasse 58 (Hinterhof), 4051 Basel