What is NOUT?

Hi, it’s NOUT!

NOUT is an association that was recently created with the goal of opening and running a vinyl shop dedicated to the electronic culture, in the Pâquis area in Geneva, in January 2020.

Although we now enjoy a well established clubbing scene in French-Speaking Switzerland, after having dug out records in Paris, Berlin or London, we came to realize that Techno music, House, passing by Acid or Minimal, were too often relegated to the universe of nocturnal festivities and didn’t have a day space in our region. So our project is to open that shop, with a sharp selection of international and local artists and labels.

We formed an association in April of 2019: we are now a team of six, three women and three men, all involved in the field of electronic music. Furthermore, we all worked in the «electronic scene» in Geneva, at: le Zoo at l’Usine, le Motel Campo, la Gravière, l’Audio Club, l’Electron Festival. We wish to engage through our common passion, via the medium of vinyl, by proposing a space for digging, meeting up and (re) discovering electronic cultures. With original propositions, NOUT wishes to bring together a community that shares the same values and vision.

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Our objectives

So, what does NOUT propose?

NOUT’s primary goals are on one hand to promote the local scene by encouraging artists and collectives from the area, and on the other hand to track the latest trends and international releases and make them accessible through a monthly focus at the shop, as well as paper and online programs. We also wish to value and promote female productions in electronic music. Whether through the stage of feminine house productions of South Korea, or the «female: pressure» creations from all over the globe, such as Romanian minimal, house from Glasgow, the «fast techno» techno wave of Denmark, without forgetting to go beyond the Made in EU scene with the Chinese artist Tzusing for instance or Colombian electronic music.

The goals of NOUT:

-To promote local artists and collectives

-To promote female productions in electronic music

-To promote non-European artists and labels

-To be a platform to share with a local and an international resonance

-To become a space of training and skills development

But NOUT is not only vinyls, we also would like to offer a more experimental «K7 corner», a mini-bookstore, with a selection of specialized books and free consultation magazines, with «Trax»,»zweikommasieben» and others. You can chill at NOUT sipping a drink, listening to records, and leave the shop with «Der Klang Der Familie» by Felix Denk, «The Song of the Machine» by David Biot, or «Modulations: a history of electronic music» from the excellent Allia Editions for example. In the evenings, a program of workshops, talks and album launches will be offered each month. NOUT will also regularly offer lessons on DJing/mixing on vinyl or CDJ in house at a variety of prices and offers: free / free price / fixed price, as well as for different groups: young / adult / non-mixity.

The activities of NOUT:

-Sale of vinyls and cassettes

-Sale of specialized books and magazines

-DJing lessons, talks, workshops and album launches

-Rental and repair of specialized equipment

-Centralization of the selling of advance tickets for electronic music events


Why are we calling on you?

We have already opened a small shop at 6 Rue Sismondi, in February of 2019. While working on raising the necessary funds needed to acquire the business license, the development of the space and the constitution of a particular vinyl collection, we are temporarily organizing art exhibitions (program available online: nout.ch) and other support events for the future shop. To date we have already raised CHF 6’000 and we have initiated several applications with potential donors. In order to become official tenants and install the shop, we must first buy out the business permit in July. That is why we are asking for your assistance, at this decisive moment of the project. We are counting on you to help us to buy out the business permit in time and bring the space to life!