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Make minimal-waste your lifestyle with our instant soap powder. Powder + Water + Shake = a practical and earth-friendly shower.

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This is what it's all about.

Two years ago, we set off on our adventure to create an earth and health friendly solution to personal care - that is convenient and easy to use.

🌿 Our solution? The first Swiss Instant Soap Powders: a shampoo, a body soap, and a hand soap.

Say goodbye to throwaway plastic bottles or unhandy solid soaps - you don’t need them.

Instead, join us in caring for our planet NOW. Freshen up for your next adventure and keep exploring.

✨ Preorder our innovative Instant Soap Powders now and help us fund the first production by choosing one of the packages on the right. After the crowdfunding, we will start the production, and you will receive your package early this summer !

🍾 For the instant soaps, there are matching pump bottles - you only need to buy them once, and then you can refill them again and again. Thanks to the compostable sachets, this is super easy.

🎒 Who is it for? NOW Care is for the people out there who see life as an adventure.

The people, that believe our planet is a place worth preserving.

We make a mindful and minimal-waste lifestyle simple, so you can look good and keep exploring.

🤸‍♀️ Does that sound like you? Then pick your favorite package on the right.

The First Swiss Made Instant Soap Powders

Here’s how it works: 👣 Pour the NOW Care powder from the compostable paper sachet into your NOW Care reusable bottle 💧 Add tap water 🤝 Shake it up Enjoy your liquid hand soap, body soap, or shampoo!

💭 After mixing with tap water, the instant soap has a wonderful soapy consistency with a luscious lather, so you look fresh for your next adventure.

🌱 Locally sourced plants and natural prebiotics make the instant soap powders effective and powerful.

🌲Hand Soap: A cleansing and hydrating soap made with Swiss stone pine and lavender.

🌸 Body Soap: Mallow flower, hemp oil, wild monard, and bergamot mint nourish your skin and keep you fresh.

🌿Shampoo: Stinging nettle, peppermint, and sage rebalance your scalp and strengthen and embellish your hair.

All of our products are vegan, not tested on animals, non-GMO, free from sulfate, paraben, silicone, formaldehyde, alcohol, palm oil, and artificial fragrance.

Why NOW Care

Close your eyes and imagine how many plastic bottles are standing around in your home. Good.

🧴 Now, did you also consider the plastic in your bathroom? Most of us don’t. That’s why in Switzerland alone, we waste 150 million plastic bottles yearly, only from shampoo, body soap, and hand soap.

✈️ Because liquid soaps are made of 80% water and thus extremely heavy, their transportation emits the same amount of CO2 as 40’000 flights from Zurich to New York.

We created the NOW Care Instant hand soap, body soap, and shampoo powders to change this.

🌿 Packing only the essential ingredients into a compostable sachet while getting rid of the water means you save tons of plastic and keep your CO2 emissions to a bare minimum.

How? The powders are so lightweight, that we save 90% of all CO2 emissions from transportation. Plus, we develop and produce everything right here in Switzerland.

🏻 Why we need your support: Our shampoo, body soap, and hand soaps are ready to go, but we need you to help finance our first production. By pre-ordering now, you turn our quest for earth and health-friendly personal care into a reality, and you can set off on your next adventure.

🍎 Oh, and you get a juicy discount while you’re at it (even juicier during the first 48h of the campaign)!

⌛ Timeline: These past two years we went from an idea, to a kitchen-made prototype, to a unique and effective formula. Now, with your help, we will ship the first products in June. The earlier you order, the earlier you receive your package of powdery goodness.

At the moment, we can only ship to Switzerland. If you are somewhere else, let us know and we’ll do our best to be able to ship there as soon as possible: hello@nowcare.ch