Quintet Nu Dag - vinyl record «Absolut»

The music of Nu Dag has sprouted in the european north, it roots in Switzerland but spreads its vines as far as Sweden and Finnland. This far, approximately, also the magnetic tape would reach, on which we recorded some beautiful music made for your ears and hearts. For the sake of handiness, we let the music be cut and pressed into vinyl. And, for those who don’t have a record player, we’ll have it pressed on a CD. Now, we lack just a little bit of money, and then we are ready to go. Here, you can preorder your Vinyl and/or CD. It will be finished by the end of November. Many more interesting treats await you. Thank you for being part of our work!


Tape recording

Three decades ago it was the most normal thing, now it has become a rare experience: Recording on tape. It’s a pity, we think, because: «…the process is organic, the music sounds organic. A completely different kind of patience is required, one which is pleasantly mustered. Be patient while making sure that the tape doesn’t drag against the metal frame, while remixing the take because one mute button has gone unnoticed, while carefully gluing two thin strips of tape together - so much patience combined with sensuality and care. That’s why there’s no aggravation when something doesn’t work and demands our attention. One stays completely in the music. Because it is present, as if it were being played live for us right now. And the sound which inspires remains. Everything is there, and yet nothing that overstimulates the ear. Instead, our brain, our whole being even, is active in the best sense of the word…» (from the liner notes of «Absolut».)

We need you!

…because an analog music production is quite expensive. We are happy if you can help us to pay our dues with any amount of money, big and small. By doing this, you enable the many people involved in this project to get a fair pay and furthermore you support the passing on of knowledge about analog audio recording in Switzerland and Germany. Most of all, we hope to sell many vinyls/CDs through this path, so that the music finds its way to the very people it was created for. Thank you so much for contributing to and sharing our project!

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