O Magazine

The team at O Magazine comprises professionals from the world of media and communication. We are passionate about our work and enjoy swapping our favourite addresses and little secrets. Our cantons are brimming with places to visit, events, people and personalities, as are bordering countries and those beyond the seas. O Magazine, published 3 times a year in French and English, will give you the best advice on how to fill a little free time or where to escape to on holiday. You’re in store for a host of unique discoveries!

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Unique discoveries

There is no media publication in Romandie that contains dozens of unique addresses and innovative articles so you can find an outing, organise a weekend or plan a holiday. O Magazine’s strength lies in its teams’ on-the-ground knowledge, in its curiosity and its desire to share all of that with you, its future readers! O Magazine will be one you’ll want to keep and collect. A fount of information for the epicurean that will always leave you wanting to go out and explore. The magazine has deliberately chosen to be different, both in style and content. A spacious layout, an innovative format and photos by leading photographers all provide for an even more enjoyable reader experience.

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Launch the first issue with us

To help finance the launch of its first issue, O Magazine needs your help. We require financial support to meet the cost of our printers, translators, journalists and graphic designers. This amount will not cover all of the costs involved in producing the first issue but will go towards it. O Magazine is a story that must be written with contribution from all epicureans, all those who give meaning to the word lifestyle. Without this crowdfunding, it will be a risky undertaking and playing with fire is not an option. A desire to offer a unique magazine is one thing, taking risks is quite another. No payment is too small, each one will contribute to the future of O Magazine and brighten up your days! Are you with us?