This is what it's all about.

The Album «Modern Me» is coming in Winter 2019/2020. Here you got the chance, to hold in your own hands and be one of the very first people to do so.

The recording comes as CD and Vinyl and is made of 13 Songs as well as bonus (never heard outside the studio) track.

Go shop through the goodies, one never knows, what else we might be smuggling into the packages.

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Our first Album «Modern Me»

The album «Modern Me» is 13 songs rich in variety. Direct, loud and energetic.

The deep raucous femal vocals, catchy melodies and a generous amount of dirt make this album to one of it’s kind.

May contain traces of: Stoner, Grunge, Blues and Punk.

People who flourish in rock, will certainly enjoy it.

Embark with us...

We are keen for the stages and celebrate the Rock’n’ Roll. Our music, the Tube Rock.

With our EP «Tube One», we went through almost 60 concerts in 6 countries and experienced a lot of special moments. We toured, wrote songs, slept in the van, toured again or just spend countless hours pondering together. Laughing and suffering.

With the album «Modern Me» we recollect this 3 years and summarize them to one record. It’s about things that can happen to everybody. The usual insanity.

With the release of our firs LP «Modern Me», we plan to go on tour again. Throughout all Europe and of course Switzerland.

The support via Wemakeit, helps us to cover the final steps in production and distribution of our baby.

The music group Okto Vulgaris thanks in advance for your trust and support, and wishes you a pleasent time with your newly acquired Okto Vulgated product. Ahoy!