Why? Because!

Times in journalism are changing and challenging. This is especially true for writing styles that take time and therefore money. That’s why literary genres in journalism are becoming scarcer and scarcer and that’s where One Day Portray comes in: A medium for portraits from people all over the world for people worldwide. And therefore is all our content available in English and German and free of charge.

The Portraits

  • Chose your style - portraits can be published as texts, photographs, video and audio files
  • Quality is what we are looking for! All our portraits are of highest quality, written and/or produced
  • by professional journalists and reporters
  • No staged interviews – we accompany our protagonists one entire day in order to get a glimpse of how his or her life looks like
  • It’s not about finding unique persons, it’s about bringing out the uniqueness in the person we chose to portray
  • Annoying ads? Not on our website

Extract to tease you

To get an idea of what we are talking about, you’ll find a portrait right here – watch out, it’s addictive. And do come back during the campaign, as more portraits will be published. Already keen on reading more portraits before September? Have a look at our goodies and find out how!

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Why crowdfunding?

Storytelling without boundaries: that’s why we want our website to have an impeccable editorial backend and an amazing graphic design by the time we go online. Websites are meant to be nicely designed and programmed and we are willing to invest money to achieve that.

Our crowdfunding campaign will get us started on that; but once our project is established we want it to be self-supporting. Here’s what we will use your money for: Administrative expenses (server, hosting, mail-, dropbox- and any other accounts needed for organisation and collaboration), trademark registering, Corporate Identity/Corporate Design, designing of our website, responsive web design, the One Day Portray App, professional translation – briefly everything needed to have a sound structure for our project to work worldwide and in the long term.

Regarding future funding we mainly think of cooperation with different companies. We’re still very open as to whom we will be working with and curious about what the world has to offer. Moreover it means a lot to us to be able to pay our authors one day for their work.

Support us? Work for us? Get involved!

You can either go for one of the goodies listed on the right hand side and thus give us moral and financial support. If money is not your thing, you can always bring in your skills – we are happy to meet people willing to get involved with One Day Portray. Ever thought of writing a portrait yourself? Happen to know a person we absolutely have to hang out with for an entire day? Let us know! You are an amazing photographer and want to enhance your portfolio? Get in touch! You are part of an organisation or company who’d like to work with us? Great, let’s do it! Do you give hugs like a pro? We absolutely have to meet. And last but not least: One Day Portray is not a one-man-show (or a two-woman-show, for that matter): We are all part of it!


We’d love to hear from you! You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our current activities and what we are up to once the campaign gets started.


A big thank you goes out to these wonderful people:

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