This is what it's all about.

Dear community members

my name is Laura, I just graduated in June in Political Science at the University of Zurich and moved to São Paulo to start my career here. My aim in life is to work in the third sector, to be involved in social organisations and enter in this movement to positively impact our world.

As soon as I got here I involved myself at the first One Young World Caucus Brazil. This was an amazing one day event where we gather young leaders from social organisations to debate about social problems. I helped organised the event as the communication coordinator. The event reunited more than 70 young leaders from more than 25 social organizations and corporative entities. It was a great opportunity to spread the One Young World initiative to young Brazilian leaders, as an attempt to expand its community. Besides, this afternoon promoted an amazing networking between third and second sector, a great exchange of experiences and a lot of learning as well.

But this was just a small part of the One Young World initiative. My dream is to be able to participate in the annual Summit, which will happen this year in Bogotá, Colombia.

This is a small article I wrote about the event:

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and what is this Summit about?

In the annual Summit, more than 1300 young leaders of all around the world get together for 4 inspiring days. They are able to get in touch with renowned counsellors like Kofi Annan, Professor Muhammad Yunus, women rights defender Emma Watson and so on. It is an intense 4 days of pure learning.

The topics this year will be:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Leadership & Government
  • Poverty Alleviation & Economic Development
  • Peace & Reconciliation

Check out the full agenda here ;)

This is what I need backing for.

My goal in participating in the OYW this year is to get to know young people who share this interest and are devoted to changing the world. I want to learn and be inspired by experienced and innovative minds and thus, be able to bring back to Brazil new ideas to impact our community.

The Summit fee is £2,975.00, which is around CHF 3700 The flight ticket from São Paulo to Bogotá is CHF 669 (at skyscanner, in 28. August)