Imagine – a day when mankind holds hands with one another! Across the globe. Spanning the world. Because we are one human race. OnePeople.

What it’s all about:

OnePeople – a young Basel association - holds a great vision: humans living as one community, where each and everyone acts from the knowledge and awareness of being connected with one another.

With our Global Circle – hand in hand around the world – we would like for people to experience their connectedness and be inspired to holistic action.

«We are one human race» becomes visible and tangible through this powerful action.

The Global Circle is a great opportunity for people and organizations, that share this vision, to physically connect and network in a unique worldwide performance.

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That’s why we need your support:

OnePeople turns to you, wherever you live! In order for the whole world to know about us, an inspiring animation film is being made.

Brunner & Meyer, two film makers from Zurich, think this is a WOW project and are excited to produce a 30-second film with us.

With your contribution

we can cover the production cost of the film

we can bring the film to the people

Thank you very much for your support! OnePeople – it only works when we’re together. We are one human race.